Kingfisher Specialty Coffee – Black Diamond – Italian


Available in 12 Ounce Bags
Minimum Total Cart Order is 2 Bags

It is incredibly difficult and a bit courageous to roast fine Arabica coffee to a true Italian roast – “Just the edge of burnt”. Our Black Diamond roast seeks to push those limits.

As you roast it, a coffee bean loses its water content and the fiber of the bean becomes more and more charcoal like. The darker it is roasted the more it begins to lose its unique sense of origin flavor profile and varietal uniqueness. At some point, any varietal burnt coffee will taste like any other. However, there is some Arabica high grown – hard bean coffees from around the world that when properly dark roasted create an extraordinary cup. We have found a tremendous demand for our Black Diamond Italian roast with customers that simply can’t find other roasters willing to go out to the edge and produce an excellent extremely dark cup.

Named for the most difficult trail ratings at our Northwest ski destinations. It’s not how we “cup” (sample) our coffees, but for some of us it’s how we like to ski – snowboard and drink it in our cup.

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