Kingfisher Specialty Coffee – Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Cafe Roast


Available in 12 Ounce Bags
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is produced on small farms from heirloom varietals of Arabica dating back hundreds of years. These premium beans display intense aromatic profiles such as: lemon, flowers, and cocoa, with wine and berry undertones when Café roasted. Yirgacheffe is named for a town and is grown in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia (ancient Abyssinia). It is traditionally considered to be the birthplace of coffee. We roast our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as Café to bring out its brightness and complex delicate character. It is a medium- to light-bodied coffee with distinct floral tones in its aroma. The finish is intense and complex yet clean and flowery. We also roast it as a French to bring out its sweet, dark, and rich heavy side.

Many consider Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to be the origin of Specialty coffee and still the finest coffees in the world.

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