Kingfisher Specialty Coffee – Guatemala – French Roast


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La Cascada Hacienda, which translates as “the waterfall estate”, is in the heart of the Verapaz (“True Peace”) region of Guatemala. This is an area known as a beautiful thick lush jungle. The coffee is shade grown and the soils are rich. Arabica coffee is grown at high elevations that reach to over 4,500 feet in elevation and has an ideal year around humidity. This coffee grows in a near perfect environment and Guatemala SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) is recognized as one of the finest Central American coffees. These Bourbon varietals of Arabica create a strong traditional fine coffee taste in the cup. It is a critical anchor to our fine blends and roasts and is excellent as a light, medium, or dark roast blend or varietal. As a medium bodied coffee, it has a taste profile we describe as milk chocolate, with a hint of lemon, and light floral notes.

A Central American Arabica prize with an excellent tradition.

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