Kingfisher Specialty Coffee – Mexican – Cafe Roast


Available in 12 Ounce Bags
Minimum Total Cart Order is 2 Bags

The beautiful skies and brilliant waters in this region of Mexico where it is grown, has given this coffee the name Turquesa, (turquoise) after the precious stone. This is a very versatile coffee that we blend and roast very light or very dark. Its range of flexibility is critical to both our signature “White Lightning” and at the other extreme “Black Lightning” (White Coffee and Italian roast) blends. These premium Mexican Arabica coffees are shade and high altitude grown in the southern mountains of Chiapas. These farms produce coffee cherries from historic Arabica Bourbon varietals. The beans cup as a medium body – rich, and nutty, with berry flavors and a clean natural finish. With great memories of roasting and enjoying this coffee at its source, we love this coffee.

As I cup this coffee, I hear my friends from Mexico whom I worked with side by side for hours at a time, shouting, “arriba, arriba – ándale, ándale!” It always makes me smile.

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