Kingfisher Specialty Coffee – Panama – Cafe Roast


Available in 12 Ounce Bags
Minimum Total Cart Order is 2 Bags

This Panama coffee is extraordinary and grown in the Boquete region just south of its border with Costa Rica. Panama Boquete coffee beans have an intense flavor unlike any other beans we offer. The area of Panama where these coffee trees grow has an ideal climate, perfect year around precipitation and tree shade protection. Due to humid conditions and the ample shade, the coffee beans mature at a slow pace which is thought to make them more flavorful.  Panama Boquete coffee varietals offer a distinct flavor that highlights earthy, rustic tones, high acidity, and brightness. With tangy, zesty, yet earthy tones it might be considered the Sumatra of Central America.

It has been observed that songbirds that live in the Panama Boquete trees feed and work to keep insects away from the coffee cherries on the trees. Natural symbiosis

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