Kingfisher Specialty Coffee – Tanzania Peaberry – Café Roast


Available in 12 Ounce Bags
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Tanzania Peaberry Café Roast

Kingfisher Specialty Coffee

From the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro near the Kenyan border under the shade of banana trees comes the hand sorted Tanzania Peaberry. Coffee beans come from coffee cherries – from which the plants are self-pollinating. Each cherry typically develops two seeds. A coffee bean is one half of the two seeds in a cherry. The flat sides are facing each other in the cherry. Peaberries occur when a coffee develops a single egg-shaped bean. All coffees have peaberries, but they are typically graded out as a defect in the screening and milling process. In this case they are specifically sought out. Tanzania Peaberry produces a light-to-medium, slightly acidic, bright cup in body, with a clear hint of wine, chocolate and fruit.

Tanzania has a long tradition of creating the mystique that “the best of two beans is contained in one” – like (we believe) – a healthy marriage.

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