Kingfisher Specialty Coffee – White Lightning – White Coffee


Available in 12 Ounce Bags
Minimum Total Cart Order is 2 Bags

White Lightning was developed as a result of a demand for a highly caffeinated coffee. In the world of traditional coffee connoisseurs and professional coffee experts it doesn’t actually exist, or at most is dismissed. The name “White Lightning” is our play on words from the tradition of high proof Moonshine from the prohibition era.  Drinking White Lightning is consistent with those seeking an energy boost drink as a hot cup of coffee. The chemistry of white coffee is that the lighter a coffee is roasted, the higher its caffeine content.  This is because caffeine is highly heat sensitive. Many mistakenly believe that espresso based drinks are more caffeinated than a cup of drip coffee. Not necessarily so. Arabica beans (which we use exclusively) naturally have less caffeine than Robusta coffee beans (think of your grandparents canned coffee). There is an art and science to perfectly “under roasting” excellent coffee. The taste is completely different from traditional cupping standards – more of a malty, grassy taste, the taste of a tea-like coffee.

White coffee aficionados will enjoy our perfectly under roasted – highly caffeinated – Arabica coffee.

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